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          Founder Naomi Gibb

EnchantMedia is a graphic design firm run by Naomi Gibb that offers customized web and print design solutions to sucessfully meet your business needs.

Our services range from website design, graphic design for print, project management and marketing.

EnchantMedia works in a co-creative way with other professionals to accomplish challenging business solutions. Our intention is to focus on what we do best and work with others who focus on what they do best, creating the most effective solution for your business.

Internationally experienced, EnchantMedia works locally and long distance with clients and partners around the world. Our succesful results are gained by the use of clear communication, good perception and the freedom of modern technology.

So why not begin collaborating right now!

Naomi Gibb has a degree in Computer Graphic Design with honours and has been designing print media and websites since 1998. Before she founded EnchantMedia she gained knowledge working for a range of different sized companys around the world. Her aim was to get extensive experience working with different cultures in the full spectrum of the design world.

In 2005 she started EnchantMedia as a way to combine the skills she had gained. Her passion is exploring interesting concepts and directions and creating unique solutions for businesses today.

Naomi's resume is available on request.

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